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Friday Fun

I’m lucky enough to have glommed on to a large group of women with a similar twisted sense of humor, but even I had a moment’s pause when I received this photo from my BFF Kim. Hers was actually a snapshot from her iPhone, because she urgently needed to share the moment as she stood dumbfounded in the middle of the feminine hygiene aisle at Target. Kim was especially impressed with deliberate mis-spelling of organic (note the “Y”) solely to afford the use of a woman’s crotch on the packaging. Classy and a bargain.

Not to be outdone, my BFF Bethany (I’m so beyond the age of having only one BFF — why limit myself?) quickly weighed in with this little show-stopper that literally had our jaws dropping. Note the choice of fabrics, including camouflage, for when boring white just doesn’t fit your mood (swings). I’ll admit that my bra usually matches my underwear, but I think this carries accessorizing just a bit far. Please also enjoy the completely inappropriate sharing of intimate details of the maker’s menstrual cycle. One of the many reasons this little exchange had me laughing all evening.

Happy Friday everybody! You’ve made it! Just keep smiling until your boss sneaks out at 3:00 pm. Then make your break for the door.

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  1. Cindy says

    That is hilarious 🙂

  2. Amanda says

    The first photo is funny but the second one made my day. This lady must be crazy. I notice she had gift certificates now I know what to get all my BFFs for Christmas. LOL

  3. Melissa says

    A bit too morbidly curious for my own good, I checked on cleaning methods (seriously gross I know) for the second option. She suggests soaking them in nice piece of pottery or teapot until you have collected enough soiled specimens for a wash load.

    Nice afternoon cup of tea anyone?

  4. Jen says

    Just had a conversation about cloth pads with several other women…we decided if there is one thing that should be in the landfill, it should be disposable feminine hygiene products. Thanks for this post…made me laugh:-}

  5. Kim says

    I can just see the mostly male staff sitting around the conference table at this company……” Yeah, let’s spell it with a Y and make it look like the womans CROTCH!!!!!! Fantastic idea, right?” If there were any women in that group that voted for this, they should be kicked straight in their Y for letting it happen!

  6. jodi says

    Shall we add “Kick ’em in the Y!” to our Bunco lexicon? Ooh! Can that be the slogan on the t-shirt we make up for our 10 year cruise? That would rock!

  7. Alonna says

    Little Women are alive and well today. Cloth pads are back! I liked reading how people used their pots before cleaning. These people are on a whole level of somewhere I can’t wrap my mind around. I understand cloth diapers, but this is all new to me. I mean why not make your own? Scary yet i couldn’t help but read the whole website and Laugh!

  8. Jessica says

    OK. I think I might vomit. HA> Dealing with this lovely issue once is enough but the thought of saving them up until I have a load of them is enough to send me postal. REALLY?

  9. jodi says

    I know. Some things you have to see to believe. Didn’t you love the pattern with the cats on it? Am I the only one that snorted when I saw that?

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