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John & Kate — An insider’s tale

O.k., so you know from previous posts that despite NEVER having watched the show (beyond snippets of the initial documentary that aired some years ago), I’m kind of obsessed with the whole Jon and Kate trainwreck. I have now discovered that Aunt Jodi’s sister has a blog of her own — one that reveals what “really” goes on off camera and expresses heartfelt concern that the 8 children are being mistreated. It essentially asserts that there are currently no laws applicable to the children who work (read: are exploited) on reality television shows like Jon & Kate + 8. Read the synopsis here. Rather than my usual musings on how this show is completely FUBAR, I’d like to take it one step further and encourage everyone to consider refusing to contribute to the madness. Don’t watch the new season. Don’t buy magazines with Kate or Jon’s picture on the cover. Don’t continue feeding the machine that is making this nightmare possible.

Some of you may think that’s an extreme view to take. But for anyone who remembers the ups and downs of childhood, I ask you to consider how you might have been affected by a camera in your face almost 24/7. If every meltdown, every moment of levity, every instance of personal interaction was documented for the entertainment of America. Think of the memories you treasure and whether they would ever have occurred at all with a host of strangers lurking in the wings. It isn’t right and it simply isn’t fair.

As a blogger who writes about her family, there are plenty of hilarious moments, difficult situations and just plain embarrassing things that I won’t introduce to my pages. I realize that my actions now could have impact in the future and choose my words accordingly. Please don’t think me hypocritical when I say John & Kate have gone well beyond the likes of Heather Armstrong at and many others of her ilk who share very intimate personal issues. H.A. shares her OWN experiences and those of her husband that he feels comfortable making available for public consumption. They are earning a very respectable living, but are still keeping at least some aspects of their lives (i.e. the intimate details of their children’s lives) for their very own.

I believe Jon & Kate got into this with the idea of providing for their children’s futures. They have done that many times over by now. But it’s clear they’ve lost sight of their initial destination and now find themselves in uncharted waters, unwilling or unable to steer themselves back to shore. It’s time to call it quits, and if Jon and Kate don’t have the parental foresight to do it, then it’s time we — the viewing public — did it for them.

Thanks for enduring the rant! Check back later when I’ll be my usual, inconsequential self.

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