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Not Quite What I Was Hoping For

See this? This is what I prefer to smell like each day. Viva la Juicy is my signature scent and I’m hopelessly addicted. As I’ve been stopped by at least 5 strangers and asked where they can find “that wonderful fragrance,” I feel comfortable I’m not that lady in the elevator that makes you hold your breath for 12 floors. Check the crawl at right to find a bottle for your very own.

But this morning, I’ve decided to go a different route. Today, instead of my usual yumminess, I’m sporting a scent we’ve experienced all too often this past weekend. A warning to any potential visitors, today’s fragrance is L’eau de Toddler — a mixture of vomit and orange pedialyte with top notes of last night’s hamburgers. I doubt it’s going to be a crowd favorite.


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  1. bells says

    Having no sense of smell, I never consciously wear perfume but no doubt i carry top notes of my own. I wonder what it is? Yarn fumes?

  2. jodi says

    Mmm…yams! What could be better?

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