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So Fresh and So Clean, Clean!

The boys have Honey Nut Cheerios for breakfast at least a couple mornings each week. — Tom, you’re too close to the t.v. Back up. — Afterward, they love to drink the milk out of their bowls which usually makes for — STOP sitting on the DOG! How many times to I have to tell you to leave him alone? When he bites you, I don’t even want to hear about it. — Like I was saying, they like to drink the milk out of their bowls, which usually makes for some serious cleanup. —I don’t know where another flashlight is. Where’s the one you were playing with earlier? Look! You’re sitting on it. Now just let me get finished with what I’m doing, o.k.? Five minutes. I’m only asking for FIVE minutes, guys! — Thankfully, today Sam decided to — Tom! You’re too close to the t.v. Back up. Back up before you go blind. Do you want me to turn it off? O.k. that’s it! Here I go! I’m turn — That’s better. Don’t get any closer — So anyway…the milk, the mess and SAM. So…Sam decides it would be helpful to — Holy Lord!! What happened?? Are you alright? Let me look. Just let me see it. O.k. — It’s o.k. Look it’s not even bleeding. You’re alright. See? It’s all better now. No, you don’t need a band-aid. No. Really, you can’t even see– Fine, we’ll get a band-aid. No we’re out of Diego, we only have Scooby Doo. Do you want a Scooby Doo Band-aid? Yes? No? O.k. fine. Now go play with your brother and don’t climb on that thing again. O.k.? –Anyway, Sam decides it would be helpful to — Alright that’s it! Give it to me. Give it to me right now! There! Now it’s mine and NOBODY can play with it. Maybe next time you guys will share before we get to this point! — In a nutshell, Sam cleaned up his spilled milk for me…only he used my silk table runner. *sigh* You’ll have to excuse me. It’s time for my 8 a.m. tequila shot. Tom! For the last time — Back. Away. From the Television!!

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  1. Kimmy says

    Holy cow, woman! This is just a 23 second interval of your life. Don’t hurt yourself with the knife to cut the lemons for the shots! It’s early…..

  2. jodi says

    I’m thinking of doing away with all the sharp objects entirely. Someday I might actually run out of tequila, you know?

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