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Why I have the best friends ever…

There’s probably a word limit, so I’ll simply tell you reason # 874. It’s because I have a friend who will see this at the grocery store. Then send me the picture with this comment: “What dumb ass doesn’t just use a box of cake mix for cupcakes? I swear girl, stupid people make me twitch. Rant completed. Check. See you tomorrow.”

How can you NOT look forward to lunch with a rock star like this?


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  1. Bells says

    if I were a cake mix kind of person, I’d be inclined to agree – just use cake mix – such a gimick to sell cupcake mix. Duh. I’m the kind of dumbass though who makes ’em from scratch. I don’t trust what’s in mixes!

  2. Kimmy says

    I . Heart. You. How did a dumb ass like me end up with such good friends?

  3. jodi says

    Bells, You can do that because you’re not addled enough to 1) lose your place in the recipe 2) look in the bowl, see white stuff and ASSUME there’s both flour and sugar in them. And most importantly 3) you wouldn’t serve the flat disgusting mess that comes out of your oven ANYWAY in the hopes that maybe no one will notice the 4 mm thickness of your “brownies.” Believe me… it’s better for all concerned that I remain the queen of mixes. 😉

  4. jodi says

    Kimmy, You’re not a dumb ass, you’re a smart ass. And there’s no better way to win my heart. XOXO!

  5. B says

    My sides are splitting. You and Kimmy make a great pair. Can’t wait to see you…… hopefully tomorrow.

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