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Finally Fall

Today, when the boys rousted me out of bed demanding to be fed, I realized something was different. It’s actually chilly today! I raced to to check the hourly forecast. This time of year it can be 50 degrees in the morning and 85 by mid afternoon. But no! The high today is a crisp, sunny 73.

“Guess what, boys? You get to wear your new long-sleeved shirts today!”

A happy chorus went up. Ever since the mail order arrived last week, Will’s been bugging me to wear his choo choo shirt, Jack’s begged to wear his dinosaur shirt and Tom has asked about his “green one” — which I picked because of his obsessive love of ALL things green. Sam wasn’t all that interested. Despite the fact that he looks like a young model for Abercrombie and Fitch, he’s only interested in clothes sporting Lightning McQueen, Mickey Mouse, or pretty much any other Disney creation. As his new shirt had an appliqued sailboat, he was only marginally interested in the proceedings.

But as for me, I. Am. Stoked. I’ve always loved Fall. It’s my very favorite time of year. I love the way the whole world is gilded by a newly slanted sun. I love the crisp bite of the morning air and the crunch of leaves underfoot. I love new clothes and fresh school supplies. The pleasure of hot soup and crusty bread. It’s all I can do not to hug myself, I’m so happy today.

I’ve just been ordered to go get dressed myself. Jack doesn’t want to be late and miss out on getting to show off his vicious T-Rex shirt to all his friends before school.

Wishing everyone a day as wonderful as this one has begun for me!

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  1. Tessa says

    I know how you feel… when I got up this morning and walked outside it made me SMILE!! 🙂

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