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Just Do It!

“Mom! Mo-o-o-o-mmm!!

“What is it, Jack?”

“I need you to wipe my bottom.”

I raise an eyebrow, and cross my arms. “We’ve talked about this, Jack. You know you have to do it yourself.”

“Oh! But, please!! It’s really, really messy.”

“I know, but big boys can do this themselves.” I carefully fold the toilet paper to make it look as big as possible and hand it to him. He deliberately lets it fall. We engage in a staring match for a long moment before he breaks.

“Just this one more time mom!!! It’s really disgusting. Look!” He demonstrates, and I agree.

“You’re right. That is digusting. But you’re still going to wipe yourself.”

“I’m never going to do it ever, ever, EVER!!

“Then you’re going to be here a while.” I turn, leaving him to decide if he wants to wipe his own bottom or spend the rest of his life sitting on the toilet. I return shortly to find a very proud boy…and a toilet FULL of toilet paper.

In parenting, there is no such thing as a total victory.

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  1. Patty says

    too funny! try kandoo wipes! they clean better than tissue when the um poop is really icky!

  2. jodi says

    Patty, please see this post for my thoughts on Kandoo wipes, but I do appreciate the tip.

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