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Stinger by Fisher Price

Behold! The Stinger!


Saturday is the triplets third birthday and we spent a good bit of the morning putting together this little bit of high-octane fun while the kids were away at pre-school. I had things to do, so I left Jason to put on the finishing touches while I ran around picking up dry cleaning, buying party favors and various and sundry other mundane tasks. By the time I got back, he’d already hidden it away from curious little eyes to ready it for a surprise unveiling at their birthday party on Saturday. I was a bit disappointed not to see the end result of our handiwork, but forgot all about it in the rush of the day.

Tonight, after we’d gotten everyone bathed and in bed, he wordlessly nodded toward the downstairs garage. Flicking on the light, we both gazed in awe at The Stinger in all its blinding orange glory.

“How badass is that?” Jason asked reverently.

“Pretty badass,” I replied, grinning. “Have you tried it out yet?”

“Nah… the weight limit is 135.”

I love that he knows that. It means he’s enough of the kid to think about taking a joy ride in the boys’ car, but responsible enough to have checked the manual before accidentally breaking it into a million pieces two days before their birthday. If there is a more perfect man out there, I haven’t seen him.

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  1. B says

    Two seats, 3 three year olds……. I wish we could be there to see their faces. Looks like a blast!! Have a great time tomorrow, take LOTS of pictures. Happy Birthday to Sam, Tom and Will!!!!!!!!!

  2. jodi says

    Oh…you underestimate Grandma, B. There’s another one we just put together today. It also seats two, so there’s even room for Jack. It’s pretty sweet, too. 🙂

  3. B says

    I should have figured!! It makes complete sense. Why would I think that you would do that to those precious children (I really mean do that to yourself and have to listen to constant fighting over whose turn it is to drive the Stinger.) You GOTTA love grandparents!!! I hope it was a great day. Post pics. xoxo

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