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This blog a day thing…

…is feeling kind of tough today. Especially when there are boys who need to be dressed for school. And Sammy’s digger truck is lost in plain sight again. And Jack needs to tell me a joke. The same joke I’ve heard at least 150 times now.

Where does a skunk sit in church?

I don’t know. Where?

In a pew!

It’s a lot harder to laugh once you pass 3 dozen tellings. Trust me.

And Will is grabbing my face to tell me, “Mommy! I’ve got poo poo on!”

Only Tommy sits quietly, engrossed in the drama of Mickey Mouse’s Clubhouse. He feels me watching him, and turns with a smile to softly say, “Lub you, Mommy.”

Come to think of it. I’m glad I wrote this morning. Days this good don’t last forever.

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  1. Tessa says

    Hey, I think I heard that joke at leaast 50 times too!! He never gets tired of it huh’? But you can ALWAYS count on sweet Tom to put a smile on your face, makes everything OK!!! 🙂

  2. Bells says

    Tell Jack his joke made a man laugh over his breakfast all the way in Australia!

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