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Boom Goes the Dynamite!

Me: What do you guys want for breakfast?

A chorus from the trips: Cheerios! Toaster Stoodle! PeanBuJilly!

Me: Sam, are you sure you don’t want a Toaster Strudel? They’re your favorite.

Sam: No! I want PeanBuJilly!

I put two Toaster Strudel in the toaster oven anyway. Pour Will’s Cheerios, find his favorite spoon, make a quick peanut butter and jelly sandwich — finishing everything just in time to pull the Toaster Strudel from the oven. I pour the milk on Will’s cereal and serve everyone at the same time.

Chorus from the Tom and Will: Tank you! Tank you, Mommy!

“No! I not like it!” Sam wails, dangling his sandwich from his thumb and forefinger as if it were toxic. “I want Toaster!”

Fluidly, I whisk the sandwich from his grasp before it can fall on my still-sort-of-clean floor, and slide the plate with the extra Toaster Strudel in front of him. He smiles sweetly. “Tank you, mommy!”

I turn to tidy up the counter and inwardly give a little fist pump. In the war of Mommy vs. Kids, I’ve finally won a battle. I’m already writing the blog post in my head. This is a fabulous day!


“Yes, Will.”

“I want cupcake.”

I glare at him with equal parts frustration and admiration. Well played, Little Man. Well played.

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5 Responses

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  1. Robin O'Bryant says

    Love it!

  2. B says

    So, what would have happened if you never made the PB&J and just served the toaster strudel??

  3. jodi says

    Dear B,

    Quite simply, Sam would go nuclear. He’s what you might call “contrary.”

  4. Tamara says

    Brings a smile to my face!!! You still earned the fist pump!

  5. Lori says

    Too funny! Lurv them boys!

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