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Sock it to me!

So here I go again. Trying to get a pair of @#$%ing purple socks done in time for my mother’s birthday. Here’s what it looks like from above. And for added fun the working needle makes FIVE needles I have to keep up with on this project! Woo hoo!

Sock on needles

And here it is from the side so you can see the cabling. I have a strong suspicion that I may hate cables. I’m too new a knitter to declare this definitively, but the initial signs are strongly leaning in that direction.

Ribbed sock on needles

Why, you may ask, is it so important that I churn out a pair of hand-made purple socks in time for my mother’s birthday? I’ll be glad to tell you. Mom once told me that the best part about getting old is that you can wear purple socks with red pants and no one will have the guts to call you on it. They’ll assume you’re senile and let it pass. In the mean-time you can walk around giggling to yourself knowing you look like you dressed in the dark but with the awareness that everyone else will feel compelled to smile and tell you how nice you look that day. She has a weird sense of humor. It’s something we share.

Unfortunately, we both share the same chicken thin calves and I think these @#$% things are going to be too big again. Whatever…I’ll tell her they’re slouch socks. Or maybe I won’t even finish them and tell her they’re leg warmers. That really WOULD make people stop and stare.

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  1. Wes Shoemaker says

    Wow! Super impressed! I’ll need a cabled knit sweater in XL by March 10, thankyouverymuch.

  2. Bells says

    you’re one brave/crazy woman Jody. Cables for your second socks? Wow. YOu do jump right in don’t you? I could have pointed you in the direction of some lovely mock cable socks – i did them for my second or third pair and they are a favourite I return to over and over. Here they are

    But you’re doing great! Nothing like a deadline and I love the reason – purple socks and red pants!! he he

  3. jodi says

    LOL! After I knit myself out from under my self-imposed sock mountain, don’t be surprised if you get an e-mail asking for your measurements. 😉

  4. jodi says

    You are a knitting GODDESS! Thank you so much for this pattern. Am leaving the purple sock to languish on the needles and casting this one on tonight. Perhaps I can finish this pair without having to invent new curse words that won’t get the boys in trouble at their Baptist pre-school. 😉

  5. Sienna Richardson says

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