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Girl Scout Cookie Recipe

Each week we get a bundle of advertisements disguised and a News Extra — a premise made more plausible by the fact that they always include a generic sort of article on the front and maybe a recipe or two. Generally, I flip through it to make sure no “real” mail has gotten tangled up with it, then toss it in the recycle bin (I would admit that sometimes I throw it in the garbage, but I’m afraid the Recycling Police will break down my kitchen door. So let’s pretend that I always remember to recycle. M’kay?). So like I was saying…flip through, then toss. But today they really caught my attention with three of my favorite little words this time of year. Girl Scout Cookies.

Thin mints, Samoas, Tag-a-longs, Do-Si-Dos — I can honestly say I’ve never met Girl Scout Cookie I didn’t like, and I’ve got the waistline to prove it. But here they were advocating using precious Girl Scout Cookies as RECIPE INGREDIENTS!!!

Sorry for yelling, but that’s like staring long and hard at the Mona Lisa and then saying, “You know with a little work, this could be a really good painting.” You just can’t improve on perfection. But if you just can’t help yourself, you can find a slew of recipes here or even try your hand at making home-made Samoas here.

But if you want my opinion here’s the only Girl Scout Cookie “recipe” you’ll ever need:

Take one box Thin Mints. Place in freezer for two hours — or until you just can’t wait any longer. Eat entire box over the course of the day, telling yourself with each trip to the freezer, “I’ll just have one more.” Decide not to feel guilty about eating a whole box of cookies since Girl Scout Cookie time only rolls around once a year. Thank God.

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  1. Tessa says

    Ahhhh…. you taught me well… “putting them in the freezer makes them EVEN better!!” haha

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