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About the Drunch

When you meet a friend for Drunch, you know you’re going to kick back, unwind and say what you want to say. Whether it’s Marriage and Family or Nips and Tucks, no topic is off limits. Stop by The Drunch to catch up on what’s being said around the table today.

Who is this Jodi person anyway? Jodi is a stay-at-home mom with a writer’s soul. She would love to think she’s in tune with the world around her and the people who populate it, but truthfully, she spends so much time daydreaming, she’s only a token member of society.

Jodi subsists on Oreos, fountain Mountain Dew (always better than the bottle), and the occasional bowl of Fiber One — she is over thirty, after all. She’s the proud mother of four boys which she cranked out in just over 18 months. First came Jack, then the triplets — Sam, Tom and Will. Thankfully, Jodi’s married to Jason, a.k.a. the sweetest man on the planet, so the chances of everyone growing up happy and well-adjusted is at least possible.

Needless to say, her crazy life doesn’t leave a lot of time for writing, but she makes up for it by a general refusal to do housework. Jodi really hopes The Drunch provides an escape for you, as she’s been in her fair share of cubicles over the years. If you like what you’ve read here today, drop her a line. She’s a complete attention whore, and will probably become the best friend you’ve never met.

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  1. Kat says

    So excited that you’ve got this blog! I love reading your stuff! It leaves me laughing all the time!

  2. Jill says


    I stumbled across this blog on Twitter, and have been reading all of your updates. Thanks for making me laugh, and for bringing back memories of my own triplets who are turning 8 next month! Love your sense of humor….Take care! and stay sane!!

  3. angie mizzell says

    You are my hero! I have fallen in love with you already… in a “girlfriends/I’d love to have drunch with you” kind of way.

  4. jodi says

    Aww! You say such nice things, let’s definitely make a drunch date at the earliest possible moment. I’m loving your blog, too. After “meeting” you and several other really close friends through the blogosphere, I think I’m starting to understand internet dating a little better. 😉

  5. Dru Washburn says

    Hi Jodi- It ‘s been a LONG time!!!! I would love to read how you handle life with four ! I’m barely hanging on with three. Most days i’m insane before my Jason 🙂 gets home. My Birthday was this weekend, Jason asked what I wanted and it was 24 hours of total quiet……. so he took the boys to the lake!!! Is it wrong to enjoy being alone on your birthday????

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