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Butt Lizard!

Will shouts the name at the top of his voice, one arm stretched over his head, the other bent and tucked to his side, fist clenched, as he races throughout the house at top speed.

“To infinity…and beyond!” he adds valiently.

Someday, he’ll learn to say Buzz Lightyear correctly. I just hope it doesn’t happen anytime soon.

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  1. lona Couringotn says

    Well, I think Butt Lizard is most intimidating. Just in a different way.

  2. anna says

    that’s brilliant!
    i adore how small children say things. it’s just so much fun. my two year old has some good ones, but none on a par with butt lizard. genius.

  3. Bells says

    i told Sean this story and he’s been chuckling ever since. Butt Lizard! See the reach your boys have?! It’s far and wide!

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