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It Pains Me To Say It…

…but the only thing I could write about this week would be Sam’s stomach flu. And although there are many, many (many) successful blogs that survive on post after post about poop diapers (you know who you are DOOCE), I’m sick of hearing about it and figure everyone else is too.

Plus I’m just busy. For those of you with daughters only, I’ll let you in on a little secret. Boys do not sit still EVER. Well, sometimes when they’re really sick, ormaybe for short periods when they’re strapped into a car seat, and even then you will have to pull over at random intervals to reaffix seat belts that they’ve managed to loosen, twist, tangle, or unbuckle altogether. And boys are NEVER quiet. Unless, of course, they’re doing something they don’t want you to know about — like climbing onto the top of their playhouse and attempting to remove the ceiling tiles from the basement playroom, or feeding the dog an entire pack of gummy bears, or trying to make their brother into a mummy using multiple rolls of toilet paper.

I realize there are tons of people who can write entire books under these circumstances, but I count it a personal victory if I respond to friends’ e-mails within a month of originally receiving them. And now, I’m going to do go indulge in my favorite pass-time that, sadly, I almost never get to do…SLEEP!!! Happy weekend everybody!

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  1. Bells says

    oh i hear you. As a non-parent, I skim many of Dooce’s posts, particularly those that are about just how fascinating it is to deal with poo. Enough already. I kinda think she jumped the shark some time ago. I suppose I should stop looking….

    Anyway, you’ve no doubt deserved that blessed sleep, which I’m sure is what you’re doing RIGHT NOW while I wait for my dinner and drink my wine. So enjoy!

  2. anna says

    it’s so true. i only have one boy, but he honestly is never still. i think he was born with ants in his pants 😉
    and the quiet thing… you’ve said it all really!

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