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Obligatory Blog Update

I’ve been feeling increasingly guilty over not updating the blog. I have pictures of my Phat Fiber Box from April to share. I have lovely photos of last week’s awesome beach trip. Thank God there was no oil in sight. And the kids have said countless funny things that I’d really love to write down so I don’t forget.

Will you see any of these things in today’s update? Short answer…no. I can’t even make good excuses as to why not. There’s all the everyday things — cleaning house, folding laundry, finishing knit projects. Oh, and of course, there’s entertaining the obligatory Boy Home with Fever. Today’s Boy-Home-With-Fever, is Sam. He has no other symptoms other than the one guaranteed to get him out of a day of school. He’s currently playing dress up (Home Depot Apron plus White Lab Coat — why settle for just one career?) while he watches Thomas the Train.

In an attempt to determine if we had to visit the doctor this morning, I asked him if anything hurt. He thought long and hard before finally deciding that his “feelingth” were hurt. Turns out his feelings are located on his right forearm. I don’t believe our pediatrician has anything that can cure hurt feelings or fever with no other symptoms, so we’re just waiting it out on this rainy Monday.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week as we count down to Memorial Day and the start of full-fledged SUMMER!!

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  1. Bells says

    even when you’ve apparently got nothing to say, you’re still hilarious. But then you’ve got great material there with those boys!

  2. lona Couringotn says

    Well, tell Sam his Aunt Lona’s feelingths are hurt too because she is now unemployed and having to look for work. I’d rather have a fever. Call when you can. New number 522-9280. Love to all.

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