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Happy Birthday To ME!!

Yes, that’s a shameless plug, but it IS my birthday, so I suppose I’m allowed to behave a little bit badly. Only it seems someone else is determined to handle that for me…behaving badly that is. While I was on the phone enjoying a series of birthday wishes from family and friends, certain events were unfolding downstairs. I hung up, and was immediately struck by how quiet it was downstairs. Too quiet. Nothing good comes of quiet.

Here’s what the craft closet looked like when I found it:


What’s that brown fuzzy stuff? you may ask. Why that’s hair, of course. Sam’s hair to be specific.


Hair he could ill afford to sacrifice after his last haircut. He managed to snip a lock from Jack’s forehead as well as shredding both their shirts.


A friend asked if it was out of the question for everyone to pamper ME today. I’ll let my answer be the whir of the vacuum as I go try and get as much hair as possible out of the playroom carpet. Do me a favor…somebody go get a pedicure today in my honor, o.k.?

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  1. amy says

    Oh, that’s funny, but only because they’re not my kids. 🙂

    Happy Birthday!!

  2. Barbara says

    Quiet is never good. Be happy it was just a bit of hair and a pair of t-shirts. It could have been so much more “interesting.” Happy birthday, btw.

  3. Kate says

    Happy Birthday – belatedly! We haven’t had too many hair disasters, although there was one memorable moment when we discovered that DD#1 (aged 5) had trimmed DD#2 (aged 3)’s fringe for her, “because it was getting in her eyes”. The method was to take hold of a handful of fringe, angle the scissors parallel (thankfully) to the scalp, and snip at about 1/2 an inch, giving her a kind of reverse mohawk. Such a great look.

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