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And your Sunday? How was that?

You’ve already heard about my Saturday — and I didn’t even mention the misery that went along with Maw Maw and me trying to take all 4 to the movies (Jason was on call, so we were down a set of hands — HUGE error in judgement).

But Sunday seemed to be going fairly well, but I suppose it was just the calm before the storm. Everyone had just had baths and I was toweling off the last dripping boy, when a wail rose up from the next room where I’d laid out all their pajamas. Expecting the usual, “He touched me!” or “He made that face at me!” I was completely shocked to see a TOOTH lying in Jack’s outstretched hand.

It seems an surprise chest bump from behind* had sent Jack careening into a doorknob. Fortunately, his lips were out of the way and there’s only a small bruise on his gum and a missing baby tooth to show for it. After a frantic phone call to our dentist (We love you, Ron!), we determined that it was probably time to lose that one anyway or it wouldn’t have come out so easily. And all was made well by the promise of a visit from the tooth fairy later that night.**

All in all, we’ve come out o.k., but I’m dreaming of a vacation. Anyone want a house guest?

*Tom doesn’t quite get the finer points of this celebratory move he’s seen so many athletes execute without harm to either party. I think it’s key that the other fellow have some clue that you’re about to chest bump him rather than being bent over putting on his underwear, but that’s just me.

**”Do you have anything less than a $5? That’s all I’ve got.” –No, just give him that. There was trauma involved.

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  1. Josie says

    Hurray for Jack’s first visit from the tooth fairy (even though the extra trauma is unfortunate). You should have called me as a set of extra hands! I’m missing my boys!

  2. Jona says

    I am so proud of Jack for being tough. I bet Tom will have his story tomorrow…. Sam and Will already told us about what happened. I will defintiely miss them so glad their room will be next to me.

  3. Kate says

    ::snortle:: In our house, while the Tooth Fairy is not usually pre-empted by body-slam moves, she has a distressing habit of forgetting to arrive (because she was just so tired and distracted and generally over it all b the time bedtime rolled around), and needing reminder notes, before she will consent to leave a coin (generally gold, ie 1 or 2 $$Aus). If she is *very* late she will sometimes leave an apologetic note…. None of them seem to have caught on completely yet…

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