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Angel Babies

Set the stage — Jack, Tom and Sam are seated at the kitchen table while I dish up cheese quesedillas all around.

Sam: Tommy, I not an angel anymore.

Me: What? You’re not my angel boy anymore?

Tom: Mommy, I’m still your angel boy. (presenting his grinning face for kisses)

Jack: I’m still your angel boy, too, mom.

Sam: Me, too!

Me: *distributing kisses and hugs all around*

Sam: But Mom?

Me: What baby?

Sam: Sammy angel just tooted in his pants.

*Sam grins proudly while Tom and Jack hold their noses and the whole cast descends into hysterical giggling*


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  1. Bells says


    Which reminds me, I heard a story recently about a three year old using the term ‘he just burped in his bottom.’ Too funny!

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