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I’m Southern, but…

I still think it’s freakin’ hot. I’m serious…I walk outside and almost vomit it’s so hot this week. I keep checking the temperature and thinking, “It’s barely in the 90s. Suck it up! You’re from Alabama for pity’s sake. We don’t even acknowledge it’s summer until the mercury hits 95!”

And Holy Hannah, the humidity!!! How can you have 99.9% humidity? Isn’t that pretty much rain? Oh, well. At least it’s not a dry heat. Arizonans can tout that advantage all they want, but lifetime residents look like they’ve been freeze dried. At least in the south, we may be sweaty, but we’re relatively wrinkle free.

Now I’m off to try and entertain the kids for the rest of the day. If we swim in chlorinated water, does it count as a bath? Not that I’d ever DO that of course. I was just checking…for a friend.

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  1. amy says

    I’ve just learned it’s all about the dew point. How’d I learn that, you ask? Because our dew points are so high that an exterior wall and the floor in my finished basement were sweating like a cold glass of water on a hot day. We’re now air conditioning the basement. Not the level I sleep on, nooooooo. The basement.

    Humidity is relative. 100% humidity means the dew point is the same as the temperature. It’s when walls sweat, apparently…

  2. Josie says

    In my opinion, pool = bath. They chlorinate it to keep it sanitary, don’t they? That stuff kills germs in seconds. So kids in pool = squeaky clean kids. In FACT, you probably have cleaner kids out of a pool than four boys in a tub! You may not have to bathe them ALL SUMMER. Like what I’m doing here?

  3. Barbara says

    I’m with Josie, kids in the pool=clean kids. It’s even humid in Wisconsin this year. I’m dying. And cranky. It’s a set.

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