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Funniest Joke EVAH!

It’s breakfast time. Jason has headed off to school with Jack and I shuffle bleary-eyed from Sam to Tom to Will dispensing various breakfast matter randomly.

Will: Mom! Knock-Knock!

Me: Who’s there?

Will: Banana.

Me: Banana who?

“BANANA PANTS!” Will, Sam and Tom scream in perfect unison, then collapse, laughing hysterically. Even I have to snicker through my morning fog — because three happy faces are irresistable. We repeat the scenario roughly 18 times just to be sure we’ve wrung every possible bit of hilarity from our little skit, and I race here to write everything down before I forget. It’s not every day such a comedic gem falls in your lap.

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  1. Barbara says

    Oh, man, you’re so lucky to have little boys to tell you jokes. All my little people grew up and went away, and they haven’t made any more little people for me to play with–yet.

  2. Mib says

    My kids love this one & most people are laughing to hear & 4 & 5 year old throwin’ out this oldie:
    Two peanuts were walking down the street, one was a-salted…. hehehehe
    Banana Pants is pretty silly too tho! 🙂

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