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Halloween Mash-up

Bells recently pointed out to me that I don’t post enough pictures. She’s 100% right on that one. I don’t take enough pictures either. It just seems like I never find the time. Time to take pictures, time to blog, time to be much of anything outside the “lady-who-keeps-the-underwear-clean”, but I decided tonight I would make the time for a little recap of just how far we’ve come — starting with Halloween 2007. Sure the boys were born in 2006, but they’d only been home from the hospital a month at Halloween, were quarantined from all outside contact, and where do you find preemie Halloween costumes anyway? So just ignore 2006 and we’ll start with The Year of Spiderman and his 3 Spider Friends.

Here we see two of our Spider Friends, Tom and Sam, putting on their base layer. I will probably never be forgiven for this picture.

And here we see Spider Friend Will’s feelings about his base layer,

…his spider costume,

…and his spider hat.

Honestly, this is what Will thought of 2006, 2007 and much of 2008. But things did eventually get better. We managed one good pic of everyone, but if you look closely you’ll notice the sparkle of fresh tears in each of the Spider Friends’ eyes.

Here we are at our finest Halloween hour, The Year of the Big Bad Wolf and the Three Little Pigs. I think this will always stand out as the ultimate in themed costumes for all four boys. Can’t you just hear Tom saying, “You a pink piggy, Sammy!”

In 2009, Spiderman had grown into this cocky little Fire Chief.

And where’s a fire chief without his band of firemen? Here’s Sam almost ready to go.

Will, complete with fire truck props in the background. You have to appreciate the level of commitment there.

And then there’s Tom, doing…well, only Tom knows for sure.

And this brings us to 2010 — The Year Where Everyone Picks Their Own Costume. Sam and Will are Wolverine and Thomas the Tank Engine respectively. And both have indulged heavily in Mommy’s Vampire Punch — somehow it just tastes better on Halloween than it does every other day of the year (when we call it Fruit Punch).

Tom is Captain America and Jack is a Ghostbuster. And of course, both of them are very scary.

The best part was Tom’s commitment to character. He corrected all and sundry who made the mistake of calling him Tom by pointing to his chest and saying with just the right hint of disdain, “That’s Captain America!”

No wait! Maybe the best part was Jack’s getting a kiss on the cheek from the cutest girl in his kindergarten class. “She loves me,” he informed me. “And I think she likes me, too!”

Or was the best part Will’s permanent Vampire Punch mustache that outlasted his bath and is still holding on this evening?

No, the best part was Sam placidly kicking back on the hay munching candy as Will and Tom scurried from house to house collecting handouts. “Don’t you want to trick or treat anymore, Sam?” I asked.

“No,” he replied around a mouthful of chocolate. “My Will gonna get me canny. I just riding.”


I’m with you Sam. Just along for the ride.

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  1. Bells says

    oh this was a joy to read. I even handed Sean the laptop so he could see the desperately cute boys. This helps me overcome some of my halloween bah-humbugness. See it makes so much sense when I see it there in context. I don’t see it or get it here and it’s sort of taking hold here. You make it look fun. The two uncostumed teenage boys who knocked on my door with plastic bags did not look like they were having fun, just being greedy.

  2. Kate says

    Those pictures were hilarious! Some very special photos for embarrassing them at their 21st birthday parties! (or is it 18th? which do you celebrate as entry into adulthood?)

  3. shannon says

    loved the halloween pics…brought back sweet memories from Tessa sharing pics with us. I miss the “triples” stories so glad to hear a few from you…

  4. jodi says

    Bells — Is Halloween something that is just catching on there? You know what they say about Santa — “If you don’t believe, you get underwear.” The same holds true for trick or treating. Dress up, or you get stiffed. It’s that simple. ;D

    Kate — It’s kind of muddy here. At 18, they can vote and head off to college. But they can’t drink until 21, so guess when the bigger party occurs? I’m thinking this will be a nice one for the wedding reception. That’s when we roll out as much embarrassing stuff as possible — including the obligatory tipsy toasts.

    Shannon — I have been horribly remiss on the triplets stories. It’s not that things haven’t been fun here. But it’s been fun in a relentless, bone-crunching sort of way. 😉

  5. Barbara says

    Oh, those four little boys are so cute I think I’m getting a cramp. I love the spider friends. I’d pay cash money to see their faces at the wedding reception when those pictures come out. They are just dolls.

  6. Jona says

    I love these photos!!! They are just sooooo adorable!!! I miss seeing them today.

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