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Reason I Rock #312

I am an incredible children’s book reader. I do voices. I make faces. I engage my tiny audience and invite them to join in on the repeated lines. Basically, I just indulge my inner ham, and let the good times roll.

Today, I was Mystery Reader at Jack’s school. Remember when I said I couldn’t figure out what to read? Well I finally gave in and went with one of our favorites Room on the Broom which technically might qualify as more of a Halloween pick than a Thanksgiving tale, but I don’t care. I loved it. The kids loved it. And I’m told that I’m the only parent who the kids ever begged to “Read it again!” Which, of course, I gladly did with even more gusto.

It’s a gift. Everyone has to have a certain arsenal of “Mad Skillz”. Unfortunately, none of mine seem to fit snugly on a resume. C’est la vie. I’m still sitting here, basking in the glow of my own awesomeness, while all my insecurities are away on a temporary leave of absence. I wonder what it would take to get those bastards to STAY gone?

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  1. anna says

    personally, i think this IS an awesome gift 😀 bringing literature to life for kids is not something everyone can do and for them to have experiences like the one you just gave them, well you SHOULD bask! and for a good while too!
    (in case i sound like a nutcase, you should know that i LOVE children’s literature, picture books in particular and helping kids to love them too is one of my all time favourite things!)

  2. Natalie says

    Ah…I love a good book reader- I have this gift too. I also have the gift to sing bass and opera (in a horrible voice) and children all over the world will climb into my lap and start to sing with me…..

  3. jodi says

    Anna and Natalie, we could stage a group book reading. It would be like The Three Tenors — only women — and the opera would be sketchy — and there’d be children’s book reading. But otherwise…JUST LIKE the Three Tenors. 😉

  4. Rebecca says

    Oh, my GAWD!!!!! Room on the Broom is our absolute FAVORITE BOOK – we live in Salem MA (unofficial halloween capital of the world) and have read through allllllllll the Halloween favs and this book ROCKS!!!!!
    I’m sure you are great at reading it…

  5. Barbara says

    Oh, stories. I love having someone tell me a story and I love telling them. My grandma would “read” us a bedtime story by reciting poems she’d memorized as a girl. I have enthralled rooms full of big and little kids with a spirited telling of Little Orphant Annie. Can I be a tenor too? Pleeze?

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