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Breakfast Wars

The boys sit around the kitchen table, happily munching on cold cereal.

“Hey, Will,” Sam asks around a mouthful of Lucky Charms, “what kind of cereal do you have?”

“Frosty Plates,” Will replies, still crunching.

“Nooo,” Sam says thoughtfully, “Those look like Pops.”

“Well, they crunch like Frosty Plates and they taste like Frosty Plates.”

“Dad! Do WillWill have Frosty Plates or Pops?” Sam challenges

Jason, up to this point attempting his impression of Switzerland, is forced to pick a side. “He actually does have Frosted Flakes, Sam.”

Sam’s face smooths and cools to marble. He spoons another bite of his cereal toward his mouth, making careful eye contact with Will as he does so. Then, just before it reaches his lips, he mouths silently for Will’s benefit alone, *Pops.*

I think we all know who’s won this battle.

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  1. Josie says

    I love these boys just too much. ESPECIALLY since the 2’s and 3’s have passed them by. Go out on another date already, so I can have more time with them.

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