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This morning…

…there are 4 little boys home with me. One is VERY sick, another is sort of sick and the other two are simply home because I didn’t want to drag out the other two for no good reason.

As I return to my chair to write these lines, I find it has been overtaken by a stuffed kitten, two dalmatians, a small brown motorized dog, a toy airplane and a miniature R2D2. I’m informed they’re there because “They like me and it makes them happy to be with me.” I actually did pause a moment before I ousted them all. It’s a small recliner, and my rear, unfortunately, is not.

I pounded out 300 words effortlessly yesterday. I have a strong beginning and an almost ending. Now to hammer out exactly what should happen in the middle and the very end. Then…you know…write it all out. My goal is to finish it before I have grandchildren. Fingers crossed!!!

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  1. Barbara says

    Yay for 300 words! I’m having trouble finding 3 these days. But I just made chocolate-covered cherry cupcakes. That’s bound to help, right?

    Poor sick kids.

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