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I shared a couple of things with FB friends, but didn’t write them down here. And since this is my virtual brain/memory book, I thought I’d recap:

Sam found a cardboard box and spent ages drawing all over it. Finally, he stepped back, gave me a big Sam grin and said, “I did it! My very own spaceship (it’s Sam, so actually it was Thpathethip). It took a long time, but now it’s all mine!” With that he stepped inside, sat down and began furiously tapping at a set of circles drawn on the front flap.

“Whatcha doin’, buddy?” I asked after he’d been tapping away for ages.

He didn’t even look up, just kept pounding away. “Oh, just seein’ what all the buttons do.”


Yesterday, Sam did not get things exactly his way and it resulted in a HUGE blow up. He declared that he just didn’t want to live with us anymore.

We offered to pack him a bag.

In the end, he decided he’d better just go spend some time in his room. On his way down the stairs, Sam turned and screamed, “Thith ith the Worthtetht day of my LIFE!”

Later, when he’d calmed down enough to munch on some goldfish crackers in the kitchen, I sat down beside him and said, “I’m glad you decided not to run away, Sam. I would have missed you.”

He nodded as he finished chewing, then said with a shrug, “Yeah…I couldn’t remember Maw Maw’s phone number.”

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  1. Susanne Rowell says

    Hi Jodi!! I just found you and I’m obsessed already. Love, love, love these Sam-isms! I could eat him with a spoon!

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