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A Knight in Shining Armor-All

Jack deposited his stuffed dragon at my feet and stood there silently, watching me as I worked.

“Hi,” I said, for lack of a better opening.

“Hi,” Jack replied, an air of cool nonchalance about him. Reminiscent of a young Paul Newman, I thought.

“Nice dragon you’ve got there.”

“Thanks,” Jack said, placing one foot on the dragon’s back and leaning his elbow on his bent knee. He made a great show of examining his fingernails before continuing, “He’s my pet.”

“Oh, really? So does that mean you’re a knight then?”

“Yup,” he expounded, looking around him as if to confirm there was no one to challenge his newfound rank.

“Ooh…” I enthused. “So you must get to wear shiny armor and everything!”

He straightened, obviously about to deliver a vital bit of news. “Yeah, and I’ve got a sword, too,” he bragged.

“You do?”

As if noticing his empty hands for the first time, he added quickly, “It’s in my car right now.”

That’s funny… I keep my bestselling novel in the same place.

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  1. B says

    But don’t you get it……..this IS your best selling novel. It’s such good stuff. Fiction or non-fiction it TOTALLY works.

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