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Man on the Moon

Hope you enjoy this grainy footage of the first moon landing 40 years ago. Ever wonder why it’s so crappy? Apparently, we’ve always been watching copies of the television transmission because the rocket scientists at NASA didn’t think it was worthwhile to keep the original live video and taped over it in an effort to save a buck or two. Way to economize, geniuses! Still paying $4000 dollars for a single screwdriver, I see.

Thank God the government will soon be in charge of healthcare and we can see similar savings on our medical bills. I hear re-using needles is an awesome way to cut costs (Bonus: it eventually reduces the population, which in turn cuts down on greenhouse gases — thus, reducing Global Warming. Win-Win!).

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  1. Kim says

    An increase in greenhouse gases are completely the problem of the vegetarians in this world. I eat the cows that produce such noxious gases and they in turn eat all the plants , thus ridding the world of chlorophyll. I am part of the solution, they are the problem. End. Of. Rant.

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