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The boys are playing dodgeball in the playroom. Tom lands a particularly good shot on Jack, who shouts, “Ow! You got me in the bladder!” We ignore it, hoping he’ll stop, but apparently his bladder is a particularly touchy spot, and it isn’t long before all four boys are lamenting their poor, bruised bladders. If your kids go to school with mine, I apologize for any weird behaviors and/or unusual vocabulary words they may soon bring home.

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  1. Jen says

    I was just going to blog about my daughter saying this same thing. Made us laugh so hard! Playing ball with her dad she was hit in the stomach and she announced, “You got me in the bladder!” and off she went running to the potty.

  2. jodi says

    How does a 4 year old even know what a bladder is? Is there some anatomically focused nickelodeon cartoon I haven’t seen?

  3. B says

    Um, does it have anything to do with have a urologist for a father? Although, my kids say the same thing!!

  4. Kimmy says

    Davis says…” You got my spleem” I guess his dad has had to take out more than a few ‘ spleems” in the past. Let’s face it, they could be saying alot of worse words.

  5. Tamara says

    Oh, great…after reading all your comments, does that mean Sophia’s going to yell out “you got me in the heart”????

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