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Top 5 Reasons My Kids Should Be Potty Trained

5. Roughly 30 diapers a day = 210 diapers a week = 840 per month. Multiply that by approximately 40 cents per diaper = a lot of shoes mama ain’t gettin’.

4. Diaper rash = boys grabbing themselves at odd moments (Church, Grandma’s house, the grocery store) and shrieking, “Mom! My hiney hurts!!”

3. Gag factor. I’m the one changing all thirty of those diapers most days and either my nose is getting more sensitive, or these kids are eating fertilizer.

2. Smell. The downstairs (or as we like to call it, Kid Central) is second only to the hippo exhibit at the zoo in terms of stench. And no matter how tightly you tie the bag, that smell gets through, finds a comfortable spot and settles in to stay a while.

1. When Tom says, “Mommy, I got poo poo!” then proceeds to strike a bowlegged pose and swing his hiney side to side saying, “Look, Mommy! I shake it!”

O. M. G!!! Bring on the potty chairs!!!

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  1. Bells says

    there are times when I read your stuff and I just want to weep with tears and laughter – everything is just so multiplied for you!!!

  2. Kimmy says

    Sing with me : he got them Apple bottom pull ups with the velcro on the side..
    turned around and gave that lil’ booty a slide …………Tommy got low, low, low,low,low………

  3. jodi says

    Helen…people think I make some stuff up. I only WISH it weren’t all true. 🙂

    Kimmy…your talents are wasted on the unconscious. I see you with two turntables and a microphone instead.

  4. Sherri says

    Cute site!

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