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Givenchy Mistake

I cannot tell you how much I hate to be wrong. You can keep your learning experiences and opportunities for growth. Me? I want to be right the first time. Unfortunately, that was NOT the case when I enthusiastically raved about Givenchy’s Phenomen’Eyes Mascara last week.

It really does look fantastic…unless it rains, or is humid, or you sweat. Then it smudges, smears and runs its way right off your face. Apparently, I just hadn’t used it under anything less than ideal conditions during the first week after purchase (when I penned the unfortunate review). Since then, we’ve had virtually non-stop rain, punctuated with brief interludes of high heat and humidity each and every day. And poor Givenchy just can’t take exposure to the elements. Which I think is pretty key in a high-end mascara, don’t you?

I’ve optimistically purchased a new brand (which I’ll maybe tell you about after a month of heavy use), and will be slinking back to Sephora with my used tubes of Givenchy in hopes of receiving at least store credit in return.

Hope I caught you before you made purchases of your own. And next time, I’ll be sure to wait until after a trip out in the rain to make a glowing review of anything!

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