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Parental Excellence: Will Goes to the Dogs

The First Hour:

Me — Who’s my wittle puppy dog? Are you the smart boy? Can you fetch? You’re so cute when you say ‘Arf, arf.’

The Second Hour:

Me — O.k. let’s stop being a dog now. It’s time for lunch, alright? That’s enough of that. Let’s stop barking. No more barking, Will.

The Third Hour:

Me — Please…for the love of all that is holy…STOP BARKING! I’ll take you to the toy store. You wanna go get a Thomas Train? Just say yes. Say yes. Don’t bark it. Say it. SAY IT!!

Day’s End:

Me: ARF!

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  1. bells says

    And this is how insanity happens. Good grief!

  2. Tamara says

    I see those meds you used to sell creeping closer and closer in your future…hee-hee!

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