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Teacher Planning Day

No school for my little tribe today, and I really should have planned ahead better — like farming a child or two out to the grandparents or something. Instead, I raided the “kid closet” for any sort of fun activity and here’s what we found.







I’m pretty sure my kitchen rug will never be the same, but it’s a small price to pay for almost thirty minutes of peace.

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  1. amy says

    I haven’t planned any crafty things for this week. I have some plans for Places to Go, kind of… and I looked in the paper to see what the local libraries were offering… I really don’t know where I got the energy and creativity to homeschool because I feel boring and definitely UNenergetic. Of course, by January every year I was ready to send them to school, so there’s that. Maybe by April vacation I’ll have my groove back?

  2. Bells says

    we call them ‘pupil free days’ here – free for the teachers maybe, not so much for the parents!

  3. Tamara says

    Oh, they are so cute! You would have made a great teacher! I on the other hand just let my daughter look longingly at the playdoh cans sitting on the window ledge of her playroom…

  4. angie says

    I have recently discovered the saving graces of Play Doh. I cursed the person who gave us the play set (sorry grandma) but now I’m thanking her!

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