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Mom Interrupted

At just this moment, I’ve been drawn away from my reading* by four little voices carrying from the adjacent room as they enthusiastically render “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” for no one’s pleasure but their own. And though this week has possibly been one of the most difficult in recent memory, I can’t help but smile and offer up a short but heartfelt prayer of thanks for the crazy/fun/frustrating/rewarding/exhausting/exhilarating thrill-ride I call a life.

*FYI, Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography is a really interesting read, plus it’s a FREE download on Kindle which makes it even more enjoyable. And in case you ever doubted I was dyed-in-the-wool dork, now you have written evidence of same.

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  1. Bells says

    Dorks are my favourite people.

    It’s the little Jodi and you have four little things to be very thankful for – i love that you see that! xo

  2. angie mizzell says

    Hearing my son sing melts my heart. Also, I have Kindle envy.

  3. Matt Fifolt says

    Oh Jodi, there was neverr a doubt that you were a dork. But then again – it takes one to know one. Hope all is well.

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