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The Month in Pictures

This has been quite a busy May, as you could probably tell by my habitual blogging absenteeism. So here’s a quick synopsis:

I bought one of these…


…but still can’t figure out how to use it. It looked a lot easier on YouTube.

I was really excited to receive this in the mail…


…and it was full of all these fun things…


…but not really all I was hoping for. It’s fun to get mail, but not fun to pay $33 for something that, ultimately, is of no use whatsoever.

Then we went on vacation where the boys and I spent tons of time at the beach and in the pool. Sadly all those pictures are on Tessa’s camera, and until I get copies, you’ll just have to take my word for it. But Jason did go fishing, where he caught a bunch of these:


…and saw a bunch of these:

And laughed himself silly over this:


Then, as we were frying up all those fish, I caught a glimpse of my rearview…


…and realized a diet had become mandatory. So I’m now a member of Weight Watchers Online. Lovely. If you’re suffering there, too, look me up! I’m registered under The Drunch and need all the support I can get.

Last week was pretty horrible, as Sam had (and still seems to have) a pretty vicious case of stomach flu. There are no pictures.

You’re welcome.

That brings us to today. Wherein Will enjoys a chocolate doughnut while trying to touch his nose with his tongue…


And Gus lurks nearby — ever hopeful…


Which gives Sam a fit of the giggles…


And leaves Tom plenty of time to clean up before I can get any embarrassing photos of him.


Now Jack and Jason are at the movies catching the afternoon showing of Iron Man 2 and Sam, Tom and Will are taking turns being the baby while the other two boys are the mom and dad. Babies apparently cry a lot and demand that their “mother” bring them cups of apple juice to make them feel better. Pretty spot on so far. Don’t you wish you were here?

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  1. Bells says

    yeah I do. It sounds like a hoot. I try and imagine your life and I can’t. I need to see it up close! Now I’m going to try and imagine your life 10 years from now when your house is full of teenage boys. Ok, I’m going to close that crystal ball for now. Scary!

    Re the Phat Fibre, they’re a fun idea, you’re right, but i’m not sure I’d invest. I’ve seen a few around but haven’t felt quite sure it’s useful.

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