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Divine Intervention

Sam’s latest critique of my parenting skills included the devastating information that “God and Jesus don’ like dat!” This in reference to┬ámy making him drink his chocolate milk from the cup I’d already given him rather than letting him dirty another, possibly way cooler, cup with a different character on it. Last time I checked, God delegated the dishes to me, but I’d be happy to renegotiate. I’m also willing to throw in laundry duty should that be an option.

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  1. Bells says

    oh yes well you’d have to wouldn’t you? If he’s going to have a view, he can bloody well muck in and help!

  2. Josie says

    This had me cracking up. That comment is so very, very “Sam.” Remind me to tell you the fight we had last week over him not being a big enough boy to hold the butcher knife.

  3. Barbara says

    Oh my! I love your boys. Makes me wish I had somebody small to play with. No sign of the Divine pitching in around here either. Let me know if you see him. I have a list.

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