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Stream of Consciousness

Jack says:

Mom? Can I have a meltdown? (He means tortilla chips with cheese melted on top. The other kind…well they never seem to ask before having those).

Oh, wait. I just accidentally asked for a meltdown and when I got it I realized that what I really wanted was a ham sandwich like Tom. So can I have a ham sandwich? Thanks, Mom!

Ooh! What are you eating? Boy! That looks really good. I wish I could’ve had something like that when I was a little boy.

Ugh! Never mind. I don’t like potatoes. Or peas. Is that Indian food? Did people from India make it?

Is it raining yet? I thought you said it was going to rain today! When is it going to start raining? Is Africa very far?

This was just a snippet of our lunch conversation — when his mouth was at least occasionally occupied with food. Imagine the rest of my day. Now add in the devastating fact that this is only Wednesday. Pardon me while I go hide in the bathroom for a while.

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