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Potty Music

Sam likes to sing. In particular Sam likes to make up songs about whatever he’s doing at the time. WHATEVER he’s doing at the time. Case in point (overheard outside the powder room):

“Ooooohhhh….Sam’s goin’ to da potty. Gonna pull down his unnawear and get on the potty. Goin’ in the potty. Ow, my butt hurts. La la la la la.”

I’m thinking this one’s going straight to #2 on the Poop Charts. Yeah…I went there.

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  1. Josie says

    This one had me in hysterics. Sam was my snugglebug last week and it was such a nice change from following me all around with a cautious eye saying, “That not yours, that mommy’s!”

  2. jodi says

    LOL! I know…I thought he was going to lose his mind the day I let you borrow my makeup. There will be NO mascara thievery while Sam is on duty. 🙂

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