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“Oh, man! I knew I shouldn’t have washed this blouse. Now it’s shrunk.”

“Hmm…can’t seem to button these pants. But they did have those ugly pockets, so no loss.”

“I hear elastic is making a comeback this season.”

I don’t know why it is that despite the scale registering 15 (with gusts up to 20) extra pounds, I’ve still managed to tell myself I still looked o.k. Then the Disney pictures were developed and I’ve found out that Cher from “Clueless” had it right. “Never rely on mirrors,” she said. “Only trust polaroids.” And, damn…are they brutal in their honesty.

So despite my exercising more lately than I have in the past year, it’s clear the true fault lies somewhere between Pizza Hut and Dairy Queen. *sigh* I’ve been waiting for years to magically develop a speedy metabolism, and am now completely certain the wait has been in vain. So…now on top of exercise must come diet. And I hate it. Hate it. Hate. It. Lots.

So feel free to send the healthy, yet family-friendly recipes my way. Things have just gotten drastic.

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  1. Ingrid says

    Jo- the last time I saw you, I thought you looked the best I’ve ever seen you! And that was AFTER four kids!!!!

  2. jodi says

    You’re sweet, Ing. But a “few” pounds have crept back on. 😉 Working them off now.

  3. bells says

    A few pounds. Sigh. I wish i had only a few pounds to worry about and I have nothing like four kids to blame!

  4. Kate says

    How about home-made meatballs cooked in home-made pasta sauce? No oil, you use good quality minced meat of whatever type, and make the sauce by putting onion, carrot, celery and (if you like) zucchini in the blender, cook that a bit then add lots of passata or tinned tomatoes, cook for 1/2 hour, add meatballs, cook 1/2 hour, serve on pasta or noodles or rice or couscous or whatever. Seriously yum, my kids adore it. Oh and I make the meatballs by putting breadcrumbs, egg, meat, some herbs, and maybe carrot and zucchini (again) in the food processor to blend, roll into small balls, freeze the extra on a tray, put into a freezer bag once frozen. You can microwave, steam or oven bake (low-ish) if you don’t want to fry them.

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