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Dinner Fail #5,203

I’m sure the peach chutney I had planned to pair with my asian inspired pork tenderloin would have been awesome…had my dried peaches not expired in September of 2009. Sure I found them in the back of the cabinet, and it was a last minute “Aha!” sort of dinner addition. And thankfully I realized it the minute I tore open the bag (picture shriveled, black, mummified lumps). But my trying to shift gears on the fly and transform the already simmering ingredients into apple chutney (the only other fruit besides grapes and bananas I had on hand) just made a bad situation worse. Oddly, it was probably my trying to sub (way too much) cloves for the star anise that really ruined it. But in the end, there were just too many suspects to single out one culprit.

Why can’t take out be low-fat, high in fiber and teach my kids to love vegetables?

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  1. Bells says

    ha ha ha. Brilliantly described Jodi. Some dishes just aren’t meant to be are they?

  2. angie mizzell says

    I killed dinner last night, too. Too much thyme. Gag.

  3. jodi says

    Seriously!!! Why is there no Goddess of the Dinner Hour hovering nearby ready to wave her wand and grant you much needed points for effort? Sometimes the ones I labor over the hardest are BY FAR the most staggering failures. But I’m serious about trying to eat cleaner and healthier, so I guess it’s the risk I run. Thanks for commiserating ladies!!

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