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Deja Vu

Walk through kitchen.

Realize your feet are sticking to the floor.


Sweep kitchen floor.

Mop kitchen floor.

Leave room.

Return moments later.

Realize your feet are sticking to the floor.








Sweep, mop, leave, return, sticky…repeat ad nauseum.

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  1. Tamara says

    Gee, I just got done doing that same routine!

  2. wendy gwin kane says

    such is life with more than 1 kid and more than 1 dog…i want one of those big professional steamers big enough for me to ride on…only i want for it to come w/ a little man that brings it out every night and sterilizes all my floors while i’m sleeping 🙂

  3. Kimmy says

    You’re feeding your dog too much. Starve them and they are grateful to lick the floor clean.

  4. Bells says

    you have all the fun at your house! Can I come play?

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