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Sam, the Hobbit, is having his second breakfast. Because to ask him to eat only one, when there are both bagels with cream cheese AND a fresh box of Froot Loops, is simply unkind. It’s worth the extra trouble to watch him eat it, head bobbing approval even as his eyes are glued to morning cartoons.

Tom, who is not a breakfast fan, has managed half a bagel — toasted but not crispy — ¬†while Will has powered through two huge bowls of cereal and would probably accept more if I offered, which I will not.

They sit on the floor of the living room in front of plastic t.v. trays painted with each boy’s name. They’re color coded, as things have been their entire life. I wonder if Will’s favorite color is actually blue, or if Sam truly loves red, or Tom green. Do they identify those at their favorite colors simply because every item belonging to them individually has been color-coded since birth?

These are the things you wonder as a mom of many. How much is their personality? How much is my doing?

And if my influence counts for so much…dear God in heaven, please help me get it right.

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  1. Anne Riley says

    Awww. Just awwwwwwww.

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