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More Stuff That Isn’t In the Manual

If you are the mother of active boys who love to be outside as long as there is daylight to be had and caterpillars to be caught, be prepared that at some point you WILL be called upon to remove a tick from a little boy’s scrotum. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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  1. Alonna says

    First, how did you remove that? Second, how was he still enough for you to remove it? Any tips greatly appreciated. P.S. Did he find it? I’m always checking Atticus’s head for ticks that scares me to death and he would go bananas.

  2. jodi says

    Jack found it. Jason’s taught him the hot spots, and it’s usually scrotum and armpits, FYI. Tweezers and a quick yank were all I knew to do. I did douse it in listerine first. He’ll have plenty to tell his therapist someday, I’m sure. 😉

  3. Barbara says

    Jodi, be careful that you don’t leave the tick’s head behind when you tweeze. Not that you need anymore ick to worry about in this regard. Guess the old trick of pressing a lit-then-blown-out matchhead to it to get it to let go is OUT OF THE QUESTION. I remember “tick inspections” from when I was a kid and we’d spent the day playing in the woods and fields. Life goes on, and at least he’ll have stores to share.

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