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Funny Does Not Equal Fun

Jack reached the top of the stairs and gave the dog a big hug. Speaking like an old fashioned radio announcer, he said, “Welcome to I Love My Dog!” then proceeded to wrestle, hug, pat and otherwise plague the dog down the hall. His loyal followers — Sam, Tom and Will — trotted close behind.

In an undertone Jason continued Jack’s dialogue. “Welcome to I Love My Dog! In this episode, mommy and daddy throw themselves off a cliff!”

I couldn’t help laughing. Only 4 hours into the day, and already I was wondering how we could possibly hope to get through the entire weekend without the respite of pre-school. The fights had been fiercer, the tantrums more terrible and the sassiness sassier than ever before. All thanks to the break in routine that is a holiday weekend.

It might be easier to endure were it not for the constant scrambling of our eardrums. They squeal with joy. They screech with surprise. They scream in disappointment or anger. They yell for attention. They howl with rage. They aren’t even truly silent when they sleep.

Do you have any idea how long it’s been since I heard a clock tick? Or soft music playing? The sound of my own breathing? So long, I can’t even remember.

And while most of the time, I have little difficulty focusing on the funny/positive, I’m pretty sure I’d find this all a helluva lot more laughable if I were recalling it while sipping cocktails on a deserted beach in the caribbean. *sigh*

But I will concede, that Sam’s insistence on stripping himself naked at odd intervals, then jumping up and down and giggling at the parts of himself that jiggle almost made me forget all the rough spots that went before.

Happy Labor Day, everybody!

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  1. bells says

    and that whole jumping up and down and watching things jiggle bit just never gets old for some of them, does it?

  2. Tamara says

    Go Sammy, it’s your birthday!!!

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