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Ding! Ding!

As I hurriedly slapped on a coat of my favorite mascara in an effort to look less like an aging matron and more like the hottie I always imagined myself, Sam and Will played in the empty bathtub behind me.

Sam: Will–here’s your ding-ding.

Will (excitedly): My ding-ding!!

I turned to find them exchanging a foam picture of a traffic light that they pretend is the switch Thomas the Train passes on his run around the Island of Sodor. It makes a dinging noise. What did you think I was going to say?

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  1. Bells says

    the minute little boys start talking ding-dongs, there really is only one way your mind can go.

  2. B says

    Max has started saying “dinkle”………don’t know where that came from, NOT Thomas the Train and NOT me!!!

  3. angie says

    That’s exactly what I thought you were going to say. ps- found my sunglasses (they were at the bottom of a blackhole pocket in my diaper bag) have you found yours?

  4. Tamara says

    You almost got me! Ok, who am I kidding…you totally got me! They are so cute! Excited to see them in a week!

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