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I would have posted something but…

I just couldn’t find anything funny about being at my wits end over four busy boys, with a body that’s falling apart and a mind that should qualify me for disability — or maybe congress. Am I the only one that sometimes finds putting one foot in front of the other is the sum total of my abilities?

Anyhow, I seriously hope to come across my sense of humor again soon. I bet it’s right beside my sunglasses. I haven’t seen them in over a week either.

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  1. B says

    Priceless. Is my address book with your sunglasses?????? Hope we can get together soon.

  2. angie says

    I think something’s in the air… I’ve been suffering the same sort of funk. And where the hell are my Ray Bans????

  3. Kimmy says

    The sunglasses and address book are certainly with the pile of single socks that are missing from my house. I’d rather just go buy more than go through the toy box ( crypt) to find my treasures!

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