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I should have been doing laundry but…

…I decided to finish this instead.


And not to toot my own horn (because I copied it from one I saw at “In the Making” earlier today), but how cute is this closure?


It’s just a simple crocheted flower with a starting loop of 8 instead of 5 so there was plenty of room for the button. I just finished the first and crocheted a 7 stitch chain then 8 more stitches for the beginning loop of the second flower. Easy peasy. I am now going to pick up a little bit and spray some air freshener so Jason thinks I’ve been slogging away at housework all day. Think it’ll fool him? Nah. Me neither, but hopefully he’ll play along.

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  1. drk says

    clean laundry is over rated and this is gorgeous! what a lucky little girl. and toot that horn cos you really are very clever.

  2. amy says

    Right away when I saw the picture I thought, OMG! I love that button!!

  3. Bells says

    Amazing. Just amazing. I know such talented people. I’m totally copying you on the closure some time!

  4. jodi says

    I agree, although for the sake of clean underwear, I am giving in and doing laundry today. 🙂

  5. jodi says

    Isn’t that the cutest little girl button ever! I wish I had thought of it, but I pride myself on copying only the best stuff. 😉

  6. jodi says

    Please feel free to copy me, as I copied someone else — so it’s only fair. 🙂 And talk about talent! Every time I see lace, I think of you and your beautiful black lace scarf (what was her name again?).

  7. Jools says

    Oh, that is just beautiful! I literally just finished my second baby’s blanket so not quite ready for something this advanced yet but I can dream!

  8. jodi says

    Jools, you can do it! I’ve only been knitting since September of 09 so I promise it isn’t that difficult. It’s all a matter of finding easy patterns. Let’s hear it for Ravelry! 🙂

  9. Kimmy says

    Get that spray that smells like you’ve been baking ( from Williams-Sonoma) and throw something on the counter from Edgars. Make sure there is flour sprinkled liberally in the kitchen. You need to bring your varsity charade game chick!

  10. jodi says

    LOL!! Obviously, I’m still playing in the minors, but looking for you to help me get called up to the Big Show! Thanks, Kimmy!

  11. chrissie says

    First I just want to know if you made that for me! HUH???? then I need to know the name of the spray from ws LOL

  12. Susan L says

    This is so very, very sweet.

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