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Just so you know…

…I don’t think I could ever make a living knitting because I really don’t enjoy doing the same thing twice. There’s a lady in town that makes a small fortune knitting original scarves for Gus Mayer. She probably puts $20-$50 into materials and they sell for around $250. Sounds awesome, until I think about having to knit scarf, after scarf, after scarf…ad infinitum. Then it starts to sound like purgatory.

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  1. amy says

    I am leery of turning anything I love doing into a job. Seems like the fastest way to start to hate it. And I don’t even like knitting scarves for myself! Boooooooooooring.

  2. Bells says

    i don’t mind a repeat knit if it was something i really loved and I wanted another in a different colour. I’ve done it but it’s rare. I often say “oh i’ll knit this again’ but rarely do. Just a few times so far.

    Endless scarves? It’d drive me to giving up what I love most.

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