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New Arrival

Hot off the needles!


And blocked as well as I could with only 40 pins (give or take):


You’ll have to excuse the sort of crappy iPhone pictures, but I just couldn’t wait to share. And now I’m off to bed as I’ve spent the last three hours binding off and blocking this monster.

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  1. amy says


    I have only 122 stitches to bind off on a project before blocking it, and I haven’t been able to do it. I was too hot last night to even bind off stitches, and what’s the point of blocking anything when it’s so darn humid? And here I thought lacy stuff would be a good knitting choice for summer.

    Does this mean you got to knit on your weekend vacation? You’ll have to tell me how you managed that. I never manage to knit a thing when we all go away.

  2. Barbara says

    Gorgeous! I’m in the middle of my first lace shawl-ette (with worsted, I’m no fool) and I despair of ever getting the stitches right. Pretty color and beautiful shawl.

  3. bells says

    i just have one question – how do do this with four little boys around? That’s what I admire you most for – lace and four boys???

  4. knitabulous says

    Gorgeous! I love the shaping of the edges in this shawl. Excellent work with 40 pins!

  5. jodi says

    Bells — Jason would say it has a lot to do with my unique (and annoying) ability to completely ignore everything around me when I’m knitting or reading. I say he’s just jealous. 😉

  6. jodi says

    Thanks, Ailsa! I think I’ve got some more pins around here somewhere, but I couldn’t get to them at midnight without waking someone up. 🙂

  7. Kate says

    It is a beautiful shawl! Well done you! (and I’m with Bells – your powers of concentration must be phenomenal!)

  8. Emma says

    Beautiful shawl! The edging’s just lovely.

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