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All Apologies

Will, feeling the need to unburden over his Fruit Loops, slowly pivots pointing out different spots of interest around the kitchen:

Mom…I’m sorry I wrote on your cab-i-nets. And your drawer. And over there. And on the sink.

And on my white chair. Don’t forget that one.

Oh, yeah. And on your chair. I’m sorry I did that.

No problem, babe. Thanks for telling me.

And I apolo-gize for throwing my milkshake at your cabinet.

Ahhh, yes. Last week’s temper tantrum. Well, we’ve already gotten over it and cleaned everything up, so let’s just forget about it. And for future reference, you might not want to remind mommy of that one.

O.k., mom. Sorry about that.

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  1. Jona says

    Atleast he acknowledged it. This is so cute, I can picture him talking to you.

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